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Dear Lloyd

Hope you and the family are doing well and business is booming.  Just got my bear mount back and want to share it with you guys.  One of the most incredible hunts of my life.  Thanks again for a trophy of a lifetime.

Troy M. -Bow Hunt


Dear Lloyd and Rhonda,  I have hunted in the Fall with Lloyd the past 2 years and have taken bears both years, with my second bear making Pope and Young standards.  Lloyd has gone above and beyond in providing a truly wonderful experience for all in camp and works his tail off to make sure you have a great opportunity at taking a bear!  His wife Rhonda is a great cook and provides plenty of food and delicious desserts.  I would not hesitate to recommend Trophy Hunter Guiding and Outfitting to any hunter who is looking for a great opportunity at taking a P & Y bear and having an overall exceptional camp experience!  Thanks again Lloyd, Rhonda and Boys!

Sincerely, Tom McCaffery


On behalf of myself and Scott, Thank you.  Our week was awesome and enjoyed everyday.  Thank Rhonda for us for all the amazing food.  Your family was outstanding.  We thank you for showing, teaching, and taking the time to show us.  Your camp has lived up to our complete satisfaction.  I would say for sure we will be back and after talking this morning it looks like 3 of us for sure.  Scott and myself will be putting in for Moose draw after seeing a giant walking down the road when we left.  Again thanks for everything.

Rick Hannum


Dear Lloyd and Rhonda,  Christi and I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had.  On my second day of my hunt, I shot a black bear.  She may not have been a big one, but it was a bear.  Rhonda did a great job cooking and the boys made us feel like we were at home.  We are going back in 2015.  We highly recommend this outfitter.  I saw lots of bears and Lloyd is very knowledgable.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me by email.  My email is  .

Wally & Christi Swarden

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda,  I wanted to write and thank you for a great hunt.  Your "new" camp was awesome, the bear hunting was fantastic and the fishing was an added bonus.  Rhonda can flat cook, the food was delicious and plentiful!  We were able to take three bears, with the two of us taking our first bear!  Thank you for making this a great trip for my brother, myself, our friend Joe, and my 16 year old nephew.

Brett Southall

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda,  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to harvest my first black bear.  The food was great throughout the week and my brother, father and I all enjoyed ourselves.  All three of us tagged out with archery tackle and we had many bear sightings.  I personally had 5 bear encounters inside of 25 yards before shooting mine on the third night.  Had a great time and would love to come back soon!

Ryan Nielsen

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda, It was truly a pleasure to meet you and the boys this past spring (June 2014).  Although an accomplished hunter , this was my first attempt at a black bear.  The second night of my hunt, and the entire trip for that matter, is something I will never forget.  The bear I harvested with my recurve bow at eight yards, after having him circle me for over an hour, and after enduring that downpour for several hours, just adds to the experience.  I couldn't have dreamed of taking such a beautiful bear and with only a 25 yard recovery, in sight, to top it off.  I have had the skull cleaned and it will be scored for Pope and Young after the required drying period.  I just wanted to thank you for the lifelong memories/friendship we created together and the two of you made it all possible.  I cannot say enough good things about you, your family, and your operation.  I am available and encourage anyone interested in your outfit to contact me for factual information.  I also had a great time filming the other hunters and watching Sam shoot his bear , not to mention the moose at 5 yards!!!!  I will see you all again soon!

Joseph Lang III

Hey Lloyd and Rhonda,  I really enjoyed meeting you guys this year.  Wish we had run into each other many moon's ago.  I've hunted with many outfitters and none have worked as hard as you and Rhonda did to make my hunt safe and successful.  Hunted hard and saw plenty of bear.  Most within 30 yrds. or so.  Took home a boar for a bear rug.  Going back next spring for bear and trying for the moose tag in April.  I have to say great home cooked meals and desserts too.  Food was 1st class. Thank you much Rhonda.  Hard working bunch of people. Literally climbed trees and rearranged stands to make them safer and easier to use with the crossbow for me.  Looking forward to our next hunt.  Many thanks.

Mark Post

Lloyd ,  I want to thank you for a great hunt.  Health problems almost kept me from my hunt.  You assured me that if I could get to camp, you could put me on a bear.  Only 3 month after by-pass surgery, this 71 year old bowhunter was in camp on his first bear hunt.  You set me up in a ground blind at a great location.  The second evening a good looking, medium size bear came to the bait barrel.  A 20 yard shot from my 45 pound compound gave a pass through , bringing and end to a thrilling hunt.  You don't have to be young or in perfect health to shoot a 70 lb. bow to harvest a bear.  Thanks again Lloyd for a great hunt at a reasonable price with plenty of good food and present lodging.

John Hubert - Andover,KS

P.S.  I skinned out the head and paws, fleshed, salted the hide and sent it to Moley Mink tannery.  It came back perfectly.

Lloyd and Rhonda,  I have hunted with Lloyd at Trophy Hunters twice now.  On the first hunt everyone in our party had multiple bear opportunities and I took the nice bear you see pictured here.  On my next hunt I decided I was going to hold out for something really big and or I would go home without one.  The pouring rain weather got the best of us the first couple days.  Although I did see a giant on the next to last he seemed to be on a different mission and did not come in and offer a shot.  It was awesome just to see a bear of that size.  I had multiple broadside shot opportunities on two respectable bears at distances of 20 yards or less.  Either would have been a nice representative example.  Lloyd and his family work very hard to ensure you have an enjoyable, comfortable, and successful hunt.... and you definitely wouldn't leave hungry with all the good food.  I plan to make it back up for another hunt when my schedule permits.

Ray Prillaman,  Vantage Point Archery


         Dear Lloyd and Rhonda. Matt and I had a wonderful time Black Bear hunting with you this past season!  The photo attached shows a very happy father/son team with "our" bear.  Please save us a spot for next year as we hope to make this an annual event!

Charlie Rehor,  Sales Director,


      Dear Lloyd and Rhonda.  I wanted to write and thank you for a great hunt.  In the past 10 years, I've bear hunted all over Canada and I've taken many bears.  Your bear hunting was everything that you promised --- a lot of bears and a real chance to shoot a bear of a lifetime.  Thank you for making this a great trip for my father, myself and my 11 year old son.  It was a great thrill to have my son sitting in the blind with me when I shot the largest bear of my career.  He was and absolute "tank", he was well over 7 feet in the skinnin shed, I'm sure as a rug, he'll square close to 8 feet.  We look forward to many more hunts with you.

Chris Endres - Rifle Hunt

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

Lloyd Gates is probably the best bear hunting guide in all of Canada!  Loves the hunt more than his hunters.  In over 50 years of hunting, he is the most enthusiastic and hardest working guide I've ever hunted with.  I would recommend Lloyd to anyone.  He's a great guide, great guy, and he has great bears!  Thanks for a super hunt and an exceptional bear.

John F. German - Rifle Hunt

Long Island, New York

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

I would like to thank you both for a truly memorable hunt.  Lloyd's dedication to putting his hunters on trophy caliber bears was only to be outdone by Rhonda's delicious down home cooking and warm sense of hospitality.  I cannot say enough about Lloyd's attention to detail and tireless effort to ensure his hunters have the best possible experience.  Hard working doesn't even begin to describe Lloyd Gates...Best Damn Guide I have ever hunted with!  I hope to be a familiar face around camp each spring,  Thanks again guys!

Vincent Rea - Rifle Hunt

Long Island, New York

Thank you Lloyd and Rhonda!

Two years in a row with you folks and two great Boars.  The camp logistics worked great and Matt and I were treated like Kings.  Lloyd's price is all inclusive which means no extra costs once you get there.  The bears are plentiful, but, they are smart and it takes constant attention to detail to get it done and Lloyd is top notch.  The other neat thing about Lloyd is he has made friends with many of the private land owners in the area and has permission to hunt on some great ground.  Give it a go, you may not get a monster but you will be amongst them!

Charlie Rehor - Sales Director -

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

My first hunt with Trophy Hunter Guiding & Outfitting produced the bow kill black bear of my lifetime.  Video footage showed many nice bears in the area and plenty of daytime activity.  Due to the shot angle my arrow did not pass through completely, making for a difficult track.  But, after searching and tracking for 4 hours in the thick bush, Lloyd Gates found my bruin, big headed, thickly furred 375 pounder!!  I'm reliving the experience daily from home.  Thanks again.

Earle Yearsley - Bow Hunt

Artemas, PA

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

I just wanted to thank you both and let you know how much my father and I enjoyed ourselves.  We try to take a trip to a different place every year and have met several good outfitters through out our travels, but, I can honestly say you are the first great outfitter.  From the moment we arrived at camp until the morning we left, Lloyd was constantly working to put us on big bear and Rhonda was constantly working to make us feel at home.  Lloyd really does love his job and they make a great team.  My bear wasn't the biggest we saw during the week, but it is my first and I am happy to say that Lloyd made it happen.  Thanks again guys.  See you next fall.


Mike McBlain - Bow Hunt

Bristol, PA

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

Just wanted to express my thanks to you and your wife Rhonda (the chef) for my great hunt.  The work you put in on your baits and the use of the game camera's can't help but make a successful hunt.  Thanks again, sure hope to hunt with you again soon.  Sure wish I could have harvested one of the two monster's I saw but, totally happy with the boar I did.

Dan Findlay - Muzzleloader

Ontario, Canada

Lloyd  and Rhonda

I had a ball hunting with Lloyd.  Nice accomodations and great food.  Lloyd will work hard for you, putting you on bears that are coming to the bait in the daylight.  Also, he has good stands and ground blinds for you to hunt out of.  Everytime we went to a cait to check cameras there had been bears on them and some of the bears he has are HUGE.  If you are looking for a great hunt then you can't go wrong booking with Lloyd.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns .

Sam Southall

Ravenswood, WV

Dear Lloyd and Rhonda

Thank you so much for my first bear hunt experience!  Lloyd was wonderful educating me on hunting black bear and helpful placing me at the bait site for bear hunting.  Accomodations are great and Rhonda sure knows how to cook!  I will definitely be back next year... I am hooked!

Dr. Marcia Dieterle

Clearville, PA

Lloyd & Rhonda

I have hunted with Lloyd, 3 times and each time I have had a great time and saw plenty of bears.  Almost all ladder stands are tw0-man and comfortable.  Lloyd has some very big bears in his territory and on my last one, a 4oo pound plus bear was taken.  I have taken a bear every time I hunted with Lloyd or had the opportunity to do so.  All of Lloyds stands are setup for Archers so they can be used for both types of hunters..And ground blinds are also used.  Lloyd provides a quality hunt and the food is always great and plentiful.

Phil Gunning


Phil Gunning


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